Consulting & Advisory

At White Raven Accounting & Bookkeeping, we want our clients to succeed in their personal and business goals. This is why we offer premium financial recommendations and advice that can transform the way one views their investments, forecasting or books. White Raven is dedicated to helping you and your business succeed.

Calgary consulting and accountant services

What are consulting and advisory services?

Consulting and advisory services include anything related to your business that you might need help or guidance on, and we can help you. With our experience in a wide variety of businesses, we have obtained a well-rounded understanding in a number of areas other than just accounting. For example, consulting services could include assistance on filling out credit applications for your vendors, it could include assistance with consulting with your insurance company on your behalf, or with WCB by filing your annual returns. This service is designed to be diverse, if there is anything that you can think of that you might need help with, we will try to be of assistance.

What can we do for you?

White Raven Accounting is a full-service accounting firm. To us that means in addition to the normal tax and accounting services we also offer tailored business consulting and advisory services. There are a vast number of areas within a business that many business owners need help and guidance with.

We can sit with you and help you decide what method of records keeping would be best for you and your business. We can also provide training and guidance on how to use your accounting software properly. Contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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